About us



SKCV is a non-sectarian, non-profit, registered Charitable Trust based in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India .

Through its work it wants to contribute to improving the fate of abused and/or abandoned children who have no other place to go to.


A Unique Organisation

There was no organisation working with street children in the entire coastal region of Andhra Pradesh. There were tens of thousands of street children in Vijayawada.

Being a main railway junction, the city was an attractive place to visit / stay for wandering children. By that time Matthew had built up some experience in dealing with street boys.

In fact, he had developed his own method of gradual, careful and step-wise rehabilitation of children living in the streets. He further refined this method in Vijayawada and wrote a manual (the CHILD manual).

Both the method and the manual were adopted by CRY (Child Rights and You) an all India organisation (NGO) which not only supported SKCV, but also regarded it as both a pioneering and model organisation in this field.


Our philosophy

Manihara recognised that street children need more than a roof over their heads and medical care.

They need a permanent alternative to the street.

His philosphy was to give as many children as possible love and an acknowledgement of their worth whilst providing a chance for them to regain their childhood by setting up a home where they could live in safety, become good, happy citizens and blossom away from the horrors of the streets.

SKCV wants each child to have the kinds of choices we would want for our own children and it upholds his philosophy in all aspects of the work.

Features of SKCV:

Its strong local support: because of the involvement of the then mayor, right from the beginning, SKCV was surrounded by and connected to a local network of dignitaries, businessmen and other supporters and well-wishers

Its democratic organisation: the backbone of the organisation is formed by ex-street children, who know what they are talking about and who are highly motivated to work with abandoned and abused children. In fact, the whole organisation centres around the idea of children participation in communal work and decision making.

It being a non-sectarian organisation with a strong belief in the wholesome impact of religion: there is lots of space for all religions; for prayer, meditation and yoga. God is thought to be too big to fit into one religion. SKCV children from different religious backgrounds learn to respect each others’ beliefs.

SKCV has always sought to cooperate with other organisation working in same field.


Motto of SKCV:

Provide happy home for street for childeren in need, regardless of caste or creed.

Nature the children and make them strong by providing noursing food and a healthy environment.

Creating hope for their secure future by providing education.

Sharing love and afection and make each child shine like The golden rays of the Sun